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Mother’s Day

  Today we celebrate Mother's Day in the Netherlands. On this day, mother is put in the limelight. In practice this usually means that she gets a present and that the very young children at school make something for mother. I don't know if they also have a Mother's Day in other countries, but mothers they certainly have  .  .  .  Stay healthy and optimistic, the world needs it . . .
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Malaga, just before the COVID period . . .

  I really like Malaga and hope to go back after the COVID period Stay healthy and optimistic, the only way to survive . . . 

The day before

 One more night's sleep and then,. . . . . . . . . the terraces may be reopened.  COVID has been overcome? Not yet, the care is filling, planned operations are canceled, but the terraces are allowed to open.  Well, open, from 12:00 to 18:00 and then also one day after King's Day, a public holiday in the Netherlands. Not everyone has been vaccinated yet, the I.C.'s are getting full, but the terraces are opening.  Probably has nothing at all to do with the government being discredited again. The umpteenth "I can't remember it like that". Anyway, the weather is slowly getting better, the vaccinations are getting faster, so who knows how long this COVID drama will last. And I found that little birds can have great shadows. Stay healthy and optimistic, the world needs it!


 It was drizzling, cold to the touch and windy, so every reason to go home quickly. But then, suddenly. the weather changes and the sun drives away the drizzle. Just walked the allotment grounds.  There was hardly anyone there, who had expected that the weather would change that way. I will definitely come back here Stay healthy and optimistic, we still need it!

That sunlight when it still isn't summer

  Stay healthy and optimistic, there are many more nice and sunny days to come . .  

The lock during lock down

The little waterfall is located near the lock. Often hardly any water comes out. This has to do with the lock. This solution is used if a lot of water has to be removed. Sometimes a lot of water suddenly comes, then again almost nothing. With your eyes closed and the sound of the falling water you could be somewhere else and not in this flat land. With your eyes open, the sun at your back, the falling water below you, you move again and from a different point of view not only changes your view but so much more.  There is time enough to stay a little longer, COVID forces me to stay here, but with this warm weather it is not that bad. It is a pity that the sun shines so little here in this flat country. Even the water is flat here, unless it falls.  Then it loses the flatness that is so characteristic here, turns into effervescent matter and when the sun shines it also shimmers, too bad the sun shines so little here, but I had already said that. Stay healthy and optimistic, we all need t

When we were still young . . .

Long ago, in Paris, with strongly changing weather where rain alternated with careful rays of the sun and it did made me not knowing exactly what to do, I suddenly heard a voice saying "quand le soleil se bat contre la pluie, il vaut mieux attendre à l'intérieur ".... And it turned out fine . . . Stay healthy and optimistic, the world needs it.