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(I)Phone Power and COVID walks

Walked a lot more than before because of COVID.  Usually no camera with me, instead the phone.  I'm going to like using the phone more and more. . . . Stay healthy and optimistic, the world still needs it and us .   .    .      .
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Bird Photography

Recently came across an acquaintance I hadn't seen in a long time. She had a new hobby, photographing birds.  I always want to do this, but the prices of the telephoto lenses and the doubts about the lastingness of my enthusiasm hold me back.  But that does not mean that no pictures of birds are taken . . . . . Stay healthy and optimistic, I try it too . . . .

Yes, it's that time of the year (again). . . .

Every year, towards the end of August, the heather is in bloom. Doesn't last long, the colors of the moor are bright but short-lived. So just take a look. Erica, as the plant is actually called, indeed did her best again this year to look purple. Stay healthy and optimistic, the world still needs it!

About birds and strawberries.

  Still not completely back to normal. Still more time in the house then before. Still not in the country I would like to have been right now, still doing silly things to stay busy. ... .. . . ... Stay healthy and optimistic, we still need it!

Colour or Black and White?

  The same old question, but it's coming back and back again. Shoot in colour or black and white. Not only shoot, but show and print in colour or black and white. Why not both, and which one is better in colour, and so on, and so on. Time to make a decision! Or time to make a decision? I wish I knew, perhaps time will tell or time will changes black and white into colours or will it change colours in black and white. Colours, what colours? Trying to be realistic as possible or trying to capture the mood with the use of changing colours. Don't know right now, maybe time will tell .  .  . Stay healthy and optimistic, the world still needs it.

a small chance

It would be a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon with only a very small chance of rain . . . . So we all went to the garden, because after today it would only get worse with the weather. The last chance for now, so grab that chance! But that very small chance of rain won, by far  . . .

Adresses and Cherries

I f you live somewhere for a while, you will find all kinds of addresses. They have good bread here, excellent wine there, a good bicycle repair shop and so on. At this address they had really excellent asparagus and now there are no more they sell delicious cherries. So this address is good for several things because you can also eat well there  .  .  . Stay healthy and optimistic, COVID is fighting back over here, so we need all of you!